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Chicago Action|Counselor Awards Winners and Watch Video for “Green” Products to Sell

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I wanted to share with you some of the new “green” products that are environmentally-friendly and a trend that is providing more selling opportunities for suppliers and distributors in the advertising specialty industry this year.

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/uploads/videos/timchicagoshow2007final.flv /]

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Suppliers can Update Product and Pricing Information for Buyers

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Suppliers tell me that they appreciate all the work ASI does entering all of their product information and pricing from their catalogs, marketing materials and websites into ESP Online and LogoMall websites for distributors.

But many have asked me for the ability to update pricing themselves or to tweak the product descriptions as needed.

So today we’re launching a new easy-to-use database tool that enables ASI suppliers to easily update their product and pricing information in ESP Online.

The new feature complements ASI’s large staff of editors, who will continue to enter the vast majority of information for the 750,000 products in ESP Online. In addition to their work, suppliers will be able to review and edit product information and pricing, ensuring their information is as current as possible.

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Save Big with Shopping Program for Office Supplies

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ASI members have been telling me that one of the largest expenses they have is for office supplies.

So today I’m excited to announce a personalized savings program, providing average savings of 30% off commercial list prices on more than 10,000 office supplies from OfficeMax – including business furniture and equipment.

I’m particularly proud because ASI members who sign up for the program will work directly with an OfficeMax representative to receive personal pricing for a list of up to 50 of their most frequently purchased items, allowing them to save even more off the average retail discount. ASI members can use the substantial savings to invest in more advertising, marketing and staff resources to grow sales and will have more time for selling by being able to shop anytime from almost anywhere.

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