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Video of New Eco Products to Sell and Orlando Preview

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Everyone is talking about environmentally friendly products that are made using recycled materials and we just produced a new section in our Idea Showcase catalog that features 30 pages of green products that end-buyers will love.

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/uploads/videos/Tim_green_video_1.flv /]

I feature seven products in the catalog and you can see several of them at the ASI Show in Orlando next week.

You’ll be amazed what’s catching the attention of buyers:

  • A tote bag and apron made from organic cotton and polyester that’s recycled from bottles
  • Gloves made from 95% post-industrial polyester and acrylic
  • Water-powered clock and calculator
  • Lip balm that’s soy-based and petroleum free
  • A strong lanyard made from recycled soda bottles
  • A handy recycled polypropylene bag that holds up to 40 pounds of groceries

These products are great for your clients and I encourage you to contact the suppliers identified in the video for more information.

Tell me what you think about these products or other earth-friendly items you’ve seen – post now on the blog or email me anytime at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.


Dig the Data | Use Our Product Data to Improve Your Websites and Business

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Today we launched a product data service that allows distributors to use supplier product data in their own technology platform and on their Websites, online stores and shopping programs.

Data Builder

In fact, a dedicated team of more than 70 professionals at ASI confirms data, performs modifications and adds products and information every day. Not only is the data available to use in distributors’ internal technology platforms, but the new service also provides high-quality product images that will no doubt impress your clients – the same quality images included in ESP Online.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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I really enjoy keeping in touch with many of you throughout the year at industry shows and events, on email and via my blog and I value the conversations and contributions we make to our industry and for each other.

Our industry is alive and well, and as the holidays approach let’s keep in mind people and families that could use our help.

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