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Video with 7 New Products From Orlando for Your Customers

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New products from ASI Orlando are attracting the attention of buyers and I wanted to share several of them with you to help your marketing take off in the New Year.

[flashvideo image=wp-content/uploads/videos/PosterImages/tim_asishow_orlando_2008_final.jpg  filename=wp-content/uploads/videos/tim_asishow_orlando_2008_final.flv /]

Products featured in the video are:

  • A high-design pen from Senator, asi/86390
  • SportMates folios from Dart Business Accessories, asi/48520
  • Smart Clip with eraser board from Tagmaster, asi/48500
  • Solar-powered pedometer from Ariel Premium Supply, asi/36730
  • Magnetic Write Light message board from Magna-Tel, asi/68480
  • Junior Crank Flashlight from Gold Bond, asi/57653
  • Owl Tote Bag, made with 100% recycled material, from Leed’s, asi/66887

Email me anytime about other interesting new products you’ve found this year, about the Orlando show, or anything else on your mind – my email is tim.andrews@asicentral.com


  1. Brian Stanley Says:


    Dave Abbott from Abbott Printing in Maitland, Fl told me about ASI.

    I currently own a printing business in Casselberry, Fl and wanted to expand the promotional product side. Over the years I have had clients ask if we sell pens, mugs, bags, and other promotional items. Not a clue on where to go… I was turning business away.

    I now understand through Dave @ Abbott Printing is that we have to go direct to the manufactor to get wholesale pricing to make any real profit.

    I understand about a ASI membership fee.

    We talked at length about ASI !

    Would like to learn more.

    Wish I had known about the ASI show in Orlando.

    If someone from ASI could contact me, that would be great.

    Brian Stanley
    Jet Set Printing


    Saturday February 2, 2008
  2. Gary Hilton Says:

    This type of presentation of new products is great!
    I think that this should be a regular weekly email with a variety of new or even not so new products (Maybe 10 or so).
    It is so much better than just seeing a product on a catalog page or web site. When veiwing products in a catalog, it is sometimes hard to really see how the product works. Also, making comments on how the products may be used and what industry it may be good for is also helpful. I always try to attend at least one industry tradeshow a year (Sorry, but it’s usually PPAI Las Vegas) to be able to see the actual products in person, but it is very hard to take the time (at each booth) to give the supplier personel enough time to really demonstrate their product to me. (There is never enough time for even our preferred suppliers) This could be another product/program that ASI could offer to suppliers. “Weekly video presentations” Kind of a ‘You Tube’ for Promotional products.

    Gary Hilton
    Tangible Advertising

    Saturday February 2, 2008

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