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Video of 7 Products to Sell

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I just came from the energetic floor of ASI Vegas and noticed several interesting products to sell to your clients.

Suppliers and distributors were buzzing about them and they’re products that you may not have seen before. 

[flashvideo filename=http://cdn.asicentral.com/idesign/global/videocast/asicentral/homepage/morevideos/Tim_new_products_vegas_2008_final.flv image=tim_vegas.jpg /]

Products featured are:

• Light-up badge, from Chemical Light (asi/44880)
• Solar-powered charger, from Better Energy Systems (asi/40364)
• Poly denim tote bag, from Uniflex (asi/92480)
• Organic T-shirt, from American Apparel (asi/35297)
• Mobile phone and charger holder, from Driinn (asi/50837)
• Mood light USB hub, from Magna-Tel (asi/68480)
• Sandvertiser, from Color Strike (asi/45820)

I hope the year is going great for you and sales are brisk.  Let me know what other products you’re seeing.  Post now on the blog or send me an email anytime – at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.

Also, stay informed and submit your email in the window called ‘Enter your email for updates’ at the top right of the screen and you’ll get a note when my next post is live.

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  1. Lezlie Ann Kinney Says:

    Tim, I just have to comment about a fairly new feature of ESP which I’ve used for several years for product research and quotes. It now has sponsored sites which are terrible. They pop up first when a product category is researched, and that is annoying, as I have to look past them to look at products I really want to see. It’s just another way to make a buck, and offers no benefit to distributors who pay a lot of money for the service. It just benefits ASI and the few suppliers who pay the extra money. It stinks.

    Monday April 28, 2008

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