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Guest Blog: Rob Spike Named VP, Distributor Services

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From Dan O’Halloran, SVP of Distributor Services:

Many of you may know Rob Spike, a dedicated resource here at ASI for distributors. 

Rob has been helping thousands of distributors grow their businesses everyday for the last 15 years and I’m pleased to announce that he’s been promoted to vice president of distributor services.

He will expand upon his roles as sales consultant and mentor in his new position, providing business solutions for distributors and helping his team of ASI account executives advance personally and professionally.  

Rob began his career with ASI in 1994 as a catalog account manager, advancing through sales and management roles of increasing responsibility before serving in his most recent position of executive director of distributor services.    

Tim Andrews, president and CEO for ASI, said this about Rob in a press release today:  “Rob’s promotion to vice president is to recognize his continuous sales excellence, his leadership and reputation for providing superior client service.  Rob always challenges himself, and the organization, by raising the bar to new heights previously unimagined.”

Rob sets the example for our team and has mentored many ASI account executives and ASI members to help them achieve business success.

In addition to his professional duties, he still finds time to volunteer for the Jewish Relief Agency of Greater Philadelphia, delivering food and daily living supplies to those who have no means to get them.

Please join me in congratulating Rob on his promotion.  You can reach him at rspike@asicentral.com.   

ESP Upgrade Rolling Out Today – New Confirmed Supplier Data

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We’re starting to rollout the new ESP Online upgrade today. 

If you’re a current ESP Online user, expect to get your upgrade automatically during the next several weeks at no additional charge.  

With a number of new features, I wanted to note several personally that are important to your business.

In addition to our own work here at ASI, for some time suppliers have been logging into ESP Online regularly to update their information and product data so distributors can have late-breaking information for their sales efforts. 

With this upgrade we’re providing an additional measure of assurance and suppliers who have confirmed their information now have a distinguishing logo next to their product in ESP Online.  So far, over 2,600 suppliers have already confirmed their data with ASI, ensuring that you have the best data in the business.

ASI employs a team of 70 data specialists and invests over $2.5 million in updating information every year.  Numbers that matter.  And, as of today, we have over 3,800 supplier catalogs from 2008 current in ESP Online.  That’s the most available anywhere.

The new upgrade also features sharper product images and improved virtual samples.

If you’re not using ESP Online, call 1-800-546-1423 for a free demo, or visit asicentral.com/esp.  If you’re one of our 40,000 registered users of ESP, you can learn more at asicentral.com/elearning

Happy selling.

Tell me what you think anytime – post now on the blog or email me at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.  For new products from our trade shows, watch all my videos, at youtube.com/timasitv.

ProfitMaker Upgrade: Make Money with Better Reporting, Top Suppliers and Credit Card Billing

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ASI Computer provides ProfitMaker – the leading business management and accounting software for our industry – and today we’re upgrading it so you can make more money.

The new features of the upgrade are powerful and include enhanced reports, integration with top apparel suppliers, supplier ratings and credit card billing – all of which will increase sales, improve your service and streamline workflow:

  • Enhanced reporting capability will allow users to access profitability reports, open order reports and order histories from any computer’s Web browser.  Distributors and suppliers will be more efficient and information will be more easily accessible and available in greater detail.
  • ProfitMaker also provides ordering and inventory integration with more apparel suppliers, in addition to the current Web ordering feature offered by Top 40 supplier SanMar.  Distributors can now easily enter orders through ProfitMaker directly with Bodek & Rhodes, Alpha Shirt Company and Broder.  
  • Supplier ratings are now available.  Distributors can check a supplier’s rating in ProfitMaker as they are completing a purchase order to ensure the quality of the supplier, and can rate their transactions within ProfitMaker and send supplier ratings directly to ESP Online.

In addition, the upgrade provides a credit card processing system that allows ProfitMaker’s distributors to send invoices through email, along with a link inviting customers to pay by credit card online immediately.  Using this feature makes payment processes quicker and improves cash flow and collections.  

The new release also includes an activity manager that provides a way to schedule and manage all daily activities through Outlook, including phone calls, emails, faxes and letters.  Also, suppliers who subscribe to ASI CreditConnectTM can see a distributor’s real-time credit score when viewing a customer record or an order, and suppliers can access the customer’s credit alert information.

To learn more about the ProfitMaker upgrade, contact Mike Place, director of sales and marketing for ASI Computer, at 1-800-544-1274, or at mikep@asicomp.com.  For an online demo, visit asicomp.com/products/profitmaker.asp

Tell me what you think anytime – post now on the blog or email me at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.  For new products from our trade shows, watch my videos, at youtube.com/timasitv.