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ESP Upgrade Rolling Out Today – New Confirmed Supplier Data

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We’re starting to rollout the new ESP Online upgrade today. 

If you’re a current ESP Online user, expect to get your upgrade automatically during the next several weeks at no additional charge.  

With a number of new features, I wanted to note several personally that are important to your business.

In addition to our own work here at ASI, for some time suppliers have been logging into ESP Online regularly to update their information and product data so distributors can have late-breaking information for their sales efforts. 

With this upgrade we’re providing an additional measure of assurance and suppliers who have confirmed their information now have a distinguishing logo next to their product in ESP Online.  So far, over 2,600 suppliers have already confirmed their data with ASI, ensuring that you have the best data in the business.

ASI employs a team of 70 data specialists and invests over $2.5 million in updating information every year.  Numbers that matter.  And, as of today, we have over 3,800 supplier catalogs from 2008 current in ESP Online.  That’s the most available anywhere.

The new upgrade also features sharper product images and improved virtual samples.

If you’re not using ESP Online, call 1-800-546-1423 for a free demo, or visit asicentral.com/esp.  If you’re one of our 40,000 registered users of ESP, you can learn more at asicentral.com/elearning

Happy selling.

Tell me what you think anytime – post now on the blog or email me at tim.andrews@asicentral.com.  For new products from our trade shows, watch all my videos, at youtube.com/timasitv.


  1. Frustrated because I’m rushing Says:

    Although I like the new features, my program has shut me out three times…. all I was trying to do was order pens and now it’s taken me all day!

    Wednesday August 13, 2008
  2. Dave Marquis Says:

    Dear Tim,

    Looking forward to the new ESPOnline version! It seems that they always find a way to make it more customer-friendly. Is this version going to have the option, where you can change the color of the product itself, before personalizing it with Virtual Sample? Thanks!


    Wednesday August 13, 2008
  3. Jason Says:


    I like the features of the new program but one question. We have several people in office that use ESP and we send projects to one another at times. If it is for the same company why cant we just copy and paste the individual projects instead of sending the whole client. Each user is ending up with 3-4 of the same client which can get confusing when looking for projects for that company.


    Wednesday August 13, 2008
  4. Ted Pendlebury Says:

    First, I like the addition of color in the data entry form. Small, but nice change. Thank you for the upgrades – I’m sure we’ll all learn to appreciate them.

    I did notice a couple of minor goobers, though… Simple item was overlooked prior to last save: tab order on research form should go from ASI number/name to item number, but it skips over the item number. Minor, but a nuisance having to leave the keyboard to mouse back up to it. Also, if the data entry form were to change size with different monitor sizes, it would be ideal. Such a shame to have a good size monitor, and this little tiny box for data entry. Thanks again.

    Thursday August 14, 2008
  5. Tresor Says:


    We received your email on the new ESP upgrade, thanks. Can you also give me some information on how to update pricings and such on our own? I had requested this couple weeks ago with someone else but didn’t get a reply…we need to update our prices ASAP to avoid confusion to our customers.


    Friday August 15, 2008
  6. Tim Andrews Says:

    Thanks for your email.

    I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you yet. If you have any memory of how you contacted us, we’d appreciate knowing so we “patch the hole” in our communication with clients. We like to be known as responsive.

    I’m notifying Candace Hershey, whose group works with suppliers to help them learn how to use ESP online fully for product and pricing updating. Her team will be in touch ASAP. What’s the best number and/or email to use to reach you?

    Thanks again for writing.

    Friday August 15, 2008
  7. Bakes Says:

    When are you going to make this app more ENTERPRISE friendly? I have to give users more access than they should have to run Centerstage.

    -angry IT Guy

    Wednesday August 27, 2008
  8. Tim Andrews Says:

    We feel your pain. There are 33,000 ESP Online users and we’d love for administrators at each account to be able to manage their authorized user names, passwords and other details. So we are working to define tools to do just that.

    We’ll be in touch to see if you’d be part of a ‘super user’ panel.

    We are working on additional administrative tools to make it easier for you to manage dozens or hundreds of ESP Online users.

    Thursday August 28, 2008
  9. Ben Adler Says:

    Why are people signing themselves here in a negative fashion? ASI is doing a wonderful job.


    Thursday September 11, 2008
  10. Ira Lichtenstein Says:

    I like the ability to verify my data on ESP.

    Ira Lichtenstein

    Saturday October 25, 2008

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