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Shrink Your Carbon Footprint with Free UPS Programs

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Whether it’s driving a vehicle, heating your home or turning on a light, your effect on the environment can be measured.  This measurement is called your carbon footprint.  As an industry, what can we do to be environmentally responsible and reduce our carbon footprint?

As you may know, UPS is an ASI affiliate providing members with up to 45% savings on shipments.  There are a few ways UPS is thinking green and you can help by using its Reusable Express Envelopes.  These are made of recycled paper and can also be reused. With these envelopes, the recipient of a package can use the same envelope to ship back to the sender or to another recipient.  Look for the new Reusable Express Envelope in your Register Box from ASI.

UPS has also partnered with Costco to recycle computers and electronic devices.  Costco members log-in online to calculate an estimated value on the goods.  Members print a UPS shipping label and send it to the Costco partner, GreenSight, for free.  Credits can be applied to a future Costco purchase.

UPS environmental highlights include:

–  20,000:  The number of low-emission vehicles in the “green” fleet.

–  126 million:  The number of miles driven by UPS alternative fuel vehicles since 2000.

–  84 million:  Total sheets of paper saved each year using Delivery Information Acquisition Devices (DIADs), the handheld device UPS uses to scan packages.  This saves 7,308 trees a year.

–  124 million:  The number of sheets of paper that could be eliminated annually if UPS customers converted to Paperless Billing. 

Read about other UPS green initiatives here.  Not enrolled in the UPS discount program from ASI?  Visit asicentral.com/ups.

Karyn Coates is Executive Director of Member Benefits.  Email her here.

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  1. Patrick Black Says:

    I received one of the UPS resealable envelopes the other day and thought that was a great idea. What a simple, yet effective way to reduce waste and also reduce cost. Going paperless, though, is something we should all strive to do. My company is using a program called PaperPort to print all of our daily and monthly reports to a .pdf document. We then store them on our server in various folders in an organized format for easy access. By doing this, we have saved thousands of sheets of paper every month helping to save trees (on a much smaller scale than UPS, but still saving). Even better for me personally, we have saved hundreds of dollars monthly on toner, wear and tear on our printers, binders, and paper expenses. If we all do our part (no matter how little it is), it will add up and help our environment and our budgets.

    Friday January 30, 2009
  2. Ira Lichtenstein Says:

    I am glad ASI is looking into easy ways for its members to reduce waste. Great job.


    Friday May 15, 2009

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