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Time to Get Focused on the Recovery

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I’m getting tired of the doom and gloom about the economy in the news media, which was originally quick to call the beginning of this recession and is happy to continue providing the play-by-play on an hourly basis.

While certainly many of us have been affected by the economic environment, there are many things we can do to help us improve sales – like marketing smarter, networking more, being better informed and asking clients how business has changed so you can understand how to help. 

I also think we need to get out of negative thinking as a group and be responsible for improving our own psychological outlook. 

So for a few hours this weekend, I’m hosting a gathering of friends to celebrate my own personal declaration of the end of the recession.  Here’s part of my invitation:  “So, rather than wait for the economists and their cloudy crystal balls, several of us looked into our glass half-full and saw in tiny print:  Recession calls it quits.”

Maybe you could host a networking or business social for your clients and friends in your area?  You might get some new prospects, learn how you can help your customers be more successful, and maybe get a new order? 

I’m having snacks and beverages at mine and ordering several promotional products with the logo you see in this post to drive my message home with attendees and to remind them that we need to remain focused. 

What are you doing to find ways to win in this economy? Tell me what you think anytime – post a comment now or email me at tim.andrews@asicentral.com

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  1. Seth Frey Says:

    I certainly parallel the half-full idea, and I too have had enough of the whining…personally, and from peers in the industry. There are lots of deals going on, so the strong will always prevail.

    However, I think you are missing a very important option for those distributors (and suppliers) that are not only seeing diminished revenues, but are REQUIRED to assess, and act quickly, on defraying their own expenses.

    Suggestion: Social Media. It is bacially free. Only demand is your time. We have decided, at Big Frey, that we MUST re-invent how we sell. We need more eyeballs.

    Take a look for yourself: http://www.Bigfrey.com …comments welcome.

    Thursday February 26, 2009
  2. Zach Says:

    I work with a Sourcing agent in China and we have seen many of our US orders dry up. I have switched my focus to Europe since they are still buying for now. I have also been cutting my margins and MOQ to get orders from new clients.

    Friday February 27, 2009
  3. Patrick black Says:

    Amen to the end. I quit listening about any kind of recession months ago. I have been going with the standpoint that there is just more market share out there for me now since there seems to be fewer distributors in business. I believe the media started the scare and made most people scared to spend money which started the downward spiral. I have actually seen an increase in the quantity of orders over the last 6-8 months, but a slightly lower average order size. Once the “recession” scare is over, my customer base will be larger and the repeat orders from those customers will be larger. Adding the future repeat orders to my new customer orders throughout the year, I am predicting an increase in sales for 2009. I see a positive forecast on my end. Recession is over!!

    Friday February 27, 2009
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