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Top 5 Reasons to Advertise With Catalogs During a Recession

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While we’re acknowledging the economic challenges of today, we’re not burrowing our heads in the sand.  Instead, we’re leading the way to aggressively help distributors find opportunities for success.  

And yes, catalogs are key, especially during a recession.  In fact, research suggests that companies that market themselves more during a recession increase value and sales immediately, and up to three years beyond the end of the recession. 

Catalogs provide a great way to market yourself, and here are five additional reasons why you should consider using catalogs to gain serious market share right now:

Top 5 Reasons to Advertise With Catalogs During a Recession:

5.  Wise investment.  Research from Harvard Business Review shows that for every dollar a business reduces its advertising by in a downturn, it will need to spend three dollars after the recession to recapture the original market share.

4.  Smart.  Catalogs are targeted, strategic and niche-driven marketing vehicles that also drive 50%-70% of online sales. 

3.  Brand yourself.  Only ASI invests in graphic designers, a photo studio and consultants to create catalogs that build your professional brand and speak to the latest trends and buying habits of your customers. 

2.  Proven reach.  The average catalog is viewed by three or more prospective customers.  Even online auctioneer eBay is shipping catalogs to reach its customers and prospects.

1.  Unmatched success.  Research from the Direct Marketing Association shows that catalogs are still the largest revenue generator, averaging nearly 50% of all sales in 2007 and 2008.

Now’s the time to be smarter with your spending and to increase your advertising with catalogs.

Dan O’Halloran is Senior Vice President of Distributor Services.  Email him here.

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  1. Seth Frey Says:

    Interesting piece…my question is:
    How do you address the issue of our society’s interest in seeing more GREEN options? Catalogs are challenging to use for not only the reason above, but pricing changes over the year, so do product offerings, and an on-line site would address the above concerns as well.

    What about the use of social media?

    Wednesday March 4, 2009

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