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What Keeps the “Open” Sign on?

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How many times have you gotten lousy service – but instead of confronting the owners, simply stopped giving them your business?

As any successful business owner will tell you, feedback – good or bad – is the only real way to make the improvements necessary to keep customers happy and the “open” sign out on the front door.

I respect the constant give-and-take from our members, because it keeps every one of us on our toes.  So I was especially pleased with a recent blog from Bobby Lehew, which presents a frank, and I believe fair, assessment of our business in the last few years. 

Read his post here.

Full disclosure:  Bobby has been an education speaker at ASI shows.

I’d love to hear your feedback as well anytime.  Post a comment now or email me here.

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  1. Pol75 Says:

    Perhaps back then we still had a memory of a better time to keep us hoping that it would come around again, sometime. ,

    Thursday October 22, 2009

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