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More Hot Products from Vegas

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The ASI Holiday & Incentives Expo in Las Vegas attracted distributors and decorators from 48 states and 12 countries, thanks to cool new products likes the ones featured in my latest hot products video:

Light-up products, including necklaces, toy guns, infinite ice cubes and a light saber from AlightPromos.com, our Counselor HOT Party sponsor (asi/34194).  We had a blast playing with each of these fun items, which are terrific for creating an exciting atmosphere at nightclub events and corporate parties.

Light-up cup, from Envision Marketing Group, a Counselor HOT Party sponsor (asi/52519). This sturdy acrylic cup comes in multiple colors and is a sure bet to brighten up any bash.

Desk Dots, from Dynomighty Design (asi/51169). I use these on my desk to hold an astonishing array of items, from paper clips to a fat stack of business cards. They’re amazingly magnetic and make a really cool corporate gift.

The Can Grip, from Hartleigh Creations, (asi/60104). You can’t beat this handy drink accessory for sporting events and kids parties. It snaps right onto the can to provide a totally tight grip.

New Digitally Printed Umbrella, from Windbrella (asi/97247). With its quick, 48-hour turnaround, this is a perfect product for family reunions and corporate events – your digital photos imprinted right on an umbrella.

You can click here to watch the video.

I’d love to hear about your experiences in Vegas, so post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. Richard Fulton Says:


    I am looking for the supplier who was selling robes and slippers pack in a basket at the ASI Show in Vegas. Do you know the name of the company and there phone number.

    Sunday October 4, 2009

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