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Suppliers can now View all Suppliers’ Products in ESP Online

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If you’re a supplier – check this out.  We’ve made some changes to ESP Online and I think you’ll love them:

—  You can now view products (without pricing) from all suppliers in ESP Online, to help you benchmark your offerings versus the competition.  If your product lineup is ahead of the curve, now you know.  If it’s behind, now you know, and you can adjust your marketing accordingly.

—  In addition, you can also view all ASI Supplier Ratings, so you see where you stand among other suppliers in the system.

Take advantage of the new enhancements today and improve your business so you can sell more.

The latest upgrade is being delivered automatically to current users and will be completed over the next several weeks.

To learn more about ESP Online and for a free demo, click here  To read the press release, click here.  I’d like to hear about your recent experiences with ESP Online, so post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn.


  1. Fran Ford Says:

    My name is Fran Ford and I am a long time veteran…seldom do I ever see a poor decision come from ASI , as I am an ardent supporter, but I see absolutely ZERO benefits from this new scam for money…yes, I can get my hands on a competitors catalogs, but I have to work at it and most don’t take the time or do they have the knowhow… but for you to offer this to the suppliers…I find it very offensive and not a real friendly gesture…those that will take advantage of this will be the parasite suppliers that work purely on price and are “adapters”… never once having an original thought…or have any sourcing capabilities. Suppliers that are not committed to this business and looking for an adjunct to their business.

    Someday realize that a 30 year veteran supplier has worked hard to be where they are…and your rewarding these “90 day wonder suppliers” is a slap in the face…when they are gone…what do you have left…only lack of loyalty to those of us that remain… Start having a little compassion for those of us that have supported you…there is an old expression “dance with the one who brung ya” This is a very poor decision…and believe me you just gave the POWER SUMMIT a very interesting new topic!

    Fran Ford Jr

    Thursday October 8, 2009
  2. Tim Andrews Says:

    thanks for the note.

    i wanted to clarify a few points, because i think they weren’t as clear in the announcement as they might have been:

    –esp for suppliers has been offered for several years and has allowed them to see their own products and own pricing. they could use the tool distributors use, and they could see their products in the same way distributors see their products.

    –we’ve had tons of requests to see other suppliers’ products AND other suppliers’ pricing. we’ve refused.

    –this new version of esp for suppliers is FREE if the supplier wants to see only their own products and pricing.

    –if a supplier wants to see all products — which is like walking a trade show floor or getting a catalog — they can upgrade to the version that allows them to see all products. HOWEVER, other suppliers’ pricing is NOT displayed. so a supplier can see other products but not the pricing.

    this was our compromise position. there just were many, many suppliers asking for access to product views and we couldn’t see a logical reason to say no to that any longer — our competitors allow that. but we drew the line at pricing being displayed, which i think is the major issue.

    let me know if this clarification helps, or if you’d like to discuss further.


    Thursday October 8, 2009
  3. Faye Footprint Says:

    Hello, Tim, that’s an interesting study you cited on the use of social media in the promotional products industry. Here at Footprintpromo.com we’re starting to get more active in this area. I think what a lot of people don’t always grasp though, is that using social media takes a lot of time. Otherwise it’s no different than dumping flyers in locations no one ever visits. Might be worth a future blog post. Heck, I might even be up for writing a guest blog post on how it can best be used, if you’re interested.


    Monday October 12, 2009

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