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Revolution! New ESP Web and ESP Orders Boost Sales and Productivity

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Imagine Google, Word and QuickBooks combined into one simple-to-use program focused on promotional products.  It’s here – welcome to the revolution!

ESP is improving the way distributors do business with two all-new products – ESP Web and ESP Orders – designed to dramatically increase sales and improve productivity.  ESP Web is the update for ASI’s flagship business tool ESP Online, the industry’s leading sourcing and marketing program, with 2.5 million product searches conducted in a typical month. 

ESP Web allows instant access anytime and anywhere to products, supplier data, orders and customer information.  And our new order management system – ESP Orders – will allow distributors to communicate electronically with suppliers by creating online sales orders, purchase orders and invoices. 

This far-reaching business system runs on standard Web browsers – including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari – and revolutionary features include:

  • Highly intelligent search engine that helps distributors quickly identify the right product and price and makes suggestions for similar products.  Known as “guided navigation,” it is similar to searching on major retail sites, like Barnes & Noble and Home Depot.
  • New end-buyer presentation tool that allows for total customization – including innovative design elements.
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use modern interface, where information and functions are presented on a single screen and users can open up new tabs right in their browser. 
  • Completely integrated order management module, called ESP Orders. 

ESP Orders, being released with ESP Web, is a complete order management program based on the best practices of industry-leading distributors.  ESP Orders allows distributors to: 

  • Create comprehensive sales orders and purchase orders.  Transmit product, supplier and end-buyer information directly from ESP Web to ESP Orders – gaining valuable selling time.
  • Send error-free supplier purchase orders, saving money on bad orders and re-dos.
  • Invoice customers automatically to improve cash-flow and overall organization.
  • Export all ESP Orders information to QuickBooks and ASI ProfitMaker to help make bookkeeping easier and more accurate.

In the works for nearly a year, demonstrations of both products will be available at all ASI Shows, including Orlando, Dallas and San Diego. 

Suppliers will especially love the new ESP Web, since distributors are able to find products and place orders faster no matter where they are.  Order errors are greatly reduced, as suppliers and distributors take advantage of the industry-standard screens found in ESP Orders.

There are no additional costs to current ESP Online users who switch to ESP Web, and special pricing is available for ESP Orders.  ESP Web will begin rolling out automatically to all ESP users during first quarter of 2010. 

To see an overview of ESP Web, visit espweb.asicentral.com.   Users of ESP for Macs (previously announced) can visit espmac.asicentral.com.  To read the press release, click here.

And I’d love to hear what you think of these revolutionary new services so post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

LogoMall’s Advertising Reports Provide a Snapshot of Success

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If you could effectively – and easily – gauge your ROI on digital advertising, wouldn’t you? Well, you can with LogoMall’s monthly advertising reports.

The monthly reports are sent automatically to participating LogoMall Network suppliers and provide an accurate snapshot of business growth that tracks competition and also these metrics:

  • Top five products viewed by end-buyers.
  • The number of unique visitors to each site.
  • The quantity of orders sent to the online check-out cart. 
  • Number of distributor websites in the LogoMall Network.

This is powerful information, and there’s more.  The reports also include the click-through rates on digital ads in product spotlights, featured product sets and pay-for-placement positions, and show the supplier’s page-view rankings among the rankings from the top ten companies within a product category. 

It all boils down to more facts and less guesswork.  You really can track everything that matters, from top-selling products to web traffic, and can adjust marketing plans accordingly.

Last year alone, the LogoMall network received more than 8.5 million visitors, and more than 800,000 product searches are conducted each month across 10,300 LogoMall sites.  

For more details, read the press release by clicking here.

And I’d love to hear about your LogoMall experiences so post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Idea Showcase is ideal – fits in your pocket!

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What’s packed with great promo items, terrific ideas and fits in your pocket?  The hot-off-the-press 2010 spring Idea Showcase catalog of course.

Idea Showcase is the ideal catalog in innumerable ways.  No matter who your client or what their budget, there’s something for everyone among nearly 400 products, all priced between $1 and $40. 

And for those environmentally-conscious clients, there’s a special “Go Green” section. There’s also a section featuring items under $5, and a budget and planning index that makes it simple for buyers to choose items based on their clients’ budgets.

Act fast. Guaranteed circulation is 250,000. However, supplies are limited and we’ve already received pre-orders totaling nearly 60,000 copies.

Idea Showcase is envelope-ready and perfect for mailing, sliding easily into a No. 10 envelope. Its handy size also works well as a leave-behind on client sales calls.    

This catalog is one of our most popular and reliable because it’s packed with options for any promotional campaign.  Don’t forget research shows catalogs remain a proven advertising vehicle.

And each copy of Idea Showcase can be imprinted with the distributor’s logo and contact information on the cover any time throughout the year, creating a personalized marketing approach that differentiates distributors from their competition.

For more details, read the press release by clicking here.

Let me know how Idea Showcase has performed for you by posting a comment or emailing me here.  I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

2010 Power Summit Announced – Special Pricing

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How does sunny Florida in November sound to you?  Then you’ll be happy to hear registration’s now open for ASI’s 2010 Power Summit – at special rates for early birds.

Next year’s summit is being held at the spectacular Turnberry Isle Resort & Club in Aventura, Florida, not far from three major airports, including Miami International.

As an added plus, room rates remain a value for 2010 and regular registration prices remain the same as 2009’s. 

We enjoyed an action-packed summit earlier this month in California – and from what attendees tell me, it was well worth the three days out of the office.  Todd Singleton, president and CEO of The Singleton Company Inc. (asi/328000), loved our speed networking session so much he says he’s planning to adapt the same exercise for his client’s next big event.  Todd told us:  “Kudos to ASI for putting on such a clever session to break the ice.”

As many of you know, the Power Summit is the premier gathering for industry executives and influential business leaders.  Don’t miss out on superior networking and idea generating sessions at next year’s event, taking place Sunday, November 7, through Tuesday, November 9.

To register for the 2010 event at special early-bird rates, click here.  And to read more details, check out the press release click here.  You can also see photos and videos from this year’s event here.

And I’d love to hear about your Power Summit experiences so post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Colin Powell Live Q+A Tuesday

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If you’ve ever wanted to question a general, now’s your chance.  General Colin L. Powell, USA (ret.), the former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State, is the featured guest on ASI’s Internet Radio show this coming Tuesday at 10:30 am EST, and he’s taking your questions about leadership.

To listen and watch the live video of the show in the studio, go to asicentral.com/radio. To ask a leadership-related question, call 215-953-4979 at approximately 10:20 a.m. EST on Tuesday.  If you already know what you want to ask, just email your question now to radio@asicentral.com.

If you’ve never tuned in for the radio show, you’re in for a treat.  Every Tuesday from 10:30-11 a.m., the five co-hosts of the ASI Internet Radio show inform, amuse and astonish, attracting an ever-widening audience of loyal listeners.

The hosts – Melinda Ligos, Andy Cohen, Kathy Huston, Michele Bell and Joe (“The Joe Show”) Haley – offer a weekly round up of industry news, controversies, trends and topics.  Tuesday’s show will be devoted exclusively to General Powell, your questions and the industry news.

General Powell is also our keynote speaker Tuesday, January 5, at The ASI Show Orlando.  He’ll discuss ways we can emulate the leadership skills needed to remain focused, take responsibility, work toward improving processes within our organizations and motivate our employees in challenging times.

Seating for this extraordinary event will be limited and ASI members should register now for ASI Orlando at asishow.com to be guaranteed a seat. 

What question do you think most people will ask General Powell?  

Post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social Media Contest for ESP Online for Macs

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I’m the chief technology officer for ASI and I’m also a Mac user, so I’m especially excited that we’re developing ESP Online for Macs that will be available soon to the advertising specialty industry.

To be among the first to be notified when the new ESP Online for Macs is available, register here.  And we’re starting the celebration early by giving away a $250 American Express gift card – good as cash – in a drawing among users who engage with us in social media.  Just share your comments about the new ESP Online for Macs, or any other ASI product if you’re not a Mac user.  Tell us what you think. 

Enter the contest three ways:

—  Post a comment right here on Tim’s blog about the new ESP Online for Macs or any other ASI product.  You might tell us how we’re helping, or what you’d like us to start providing.

—  Visit ASI’s Facebook page here and become a fan – click the icon at the top with the plus sign that says “Become a fan.” 

—  Go to Tim’s Twitter page here, and become a follower by clicking the “Follow” button.

If you’re already a fan of ASI’s Facebook or a follower on Tim’s Twitter – or both – you’re automatically entered.  You can still post a comment here on the blog for an extra entry.  If you don’t have these accounts, visit the sites through the links above to get your free account.

The new ESP Online for Macs will run right on your operating system – no Windows required and no third-party software needed (like Parallels). 

If you don’t use ESP Online and you have a Mac, using ESP will change the way you do business.  It allows suppliers to feature their products for distributors, and allows distributors to quickly search and find the best promotional products for their end-buyer clients among nearly every product in the industry.

Watch these sites for more information about ESP Online for Macs, and let me hear from you.  Enter the contest – it’s open now through November 30, 2009 (rules). 

— Keith

Keith Tuskey is the chief technology officer for ASI.

ESP Online for Macs: The Revolution

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You wanted it, and you got it.  ESP Online for Macs will be here in early 2010. 

That means anyone using a Mac – including myself since I just switched from a PC – will now be able to run ESP directly on their computers.  No other installations or third-party programs are needed, and no additional cost. 

If you want to be among the first to receive ESP Online for Macs, register now at asicentral.com/macintosh

Now, that’s revolutionary. 

The development of ESP Online for Macs has been underway for several months and you’ll get your first look with a demo at the upcoming ASI Show Orlando (Sunday, January 3 – Tuesday, January 5, 2010). 

To read the press release with more details,  click here.

ESP Online is of course the industry’s leading sourcing and marketing program with 2.5 million promotional product searches conducted in a typical month.  About 32,000 distributors use ESP today to access products from 3,500 reputable ASI suppliers and market their products to end-buyers.

In addition, the program allows suppliers to view products (without pricing) from all suppliers included in ESP Online, to help them benchmark their offerings versus the competition.  Suppliers can also view all ASI Supplier Ratings, to learn more about the positions of other suppliers within the system.

For your chance at $250, participate in the ESP social media contest underway now in the very next post after this from our CTO Keith Tuskey

I’d love to hear about your ESP experiences, so post a comment or email me here.  I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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