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Court Votes with Promo Products

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In a few weeks, ASI will unveil the newest version of the industry’s most influential survey: the 2010 Advertising Specialties Impressions Study. The much-anticipated study provides rock-solid proof of the cost-effectiveness of promotional products.

This week, in the lead-up to the hotly-contested November 2 elections, we’re providing a sneak-peek at some of the results, which reveal what Democrats, Republicans and independents think about promotional products, a.k.a. swag (stuff we all get) and freebies, millions of which are distributed during election season along with bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs.

Who knew Republicans preferred food baskets – and Democrats liked pens so much? It’s worth knowing next time you court the business of your state or local campaign office.

Here are some other study highlights:

  • 86% of Republicans give away the freebies they don’t want.
  • 75% of independents prefer name-brand consumer promotional products, nearly 1.5 times more than Democrats or Republicans.
  • Republicans are nearly 1.5 times more likely to accept a free promotional food basket than Democrats.
  • Independents value promo products the most – on average, they own 11.6 logoed products, compared to 9.4 for Democrats and 10.3 for Republicans.

Full results of the 2010 study will be released at the ASI Power Summit at the Turnberry Isle Resort & Club in Aventura, Florida, November 7-9. We’re certain the 2.0 version will be of great interest to you – and especially your clients – since the 2008 study continues to be widely circulated and consistently cited.

In the meantime, check out our press release about the promotional preferences of the two political parties, and independents, by clicking here.

Let me know which results took you by surprise by posting a comment or emailing me here. I’m also on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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  1. Lisa miller Says:

    I can’t wait to get hold of this survey its one thing i really need to read and read it quick.Its always good to get hot market report so that as a marketer we change or improve our courses of action.I think this report is going to go far ahead in making better the efficiency of product promotional activities.I like it when its just hot in the market to make value of it.Finally i hope its not being sold for hundreds of dollars.

    Saturday February 5, 2011

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